Understanding How Agents Are Listed


To the best of TERM4SALE's ability we want to provide life insurance consumers with the names of local agents who use COMPULIFE. While COMPULIFE has thousands of subscribers, that number is still a very small percentage of the total life insurance agent population.

Local agents who subscribe to COMPULIFE are given top priority to be listed in zip codes in which they reside and work. In cases were COMPULIFE does not have a total of 3 subscribers in a particular zip code area, we encourage and permit other COMPULIFE subscribers to be listed by purchasing additional listings.

In order for an agent to be listed at TERM4SALE, the agent must be a subscriber to COMPULIFE. Further, the agent must be licensed to sell life insurance in the state(s) in which they wish to be listed. Agents who do not reside in the immediate area are required to list a toll-free phone number.

So that you have a full understanding of how the agent listing process works, and how "local zip code" listings are given priority over those subscribers not located in that local zup code, we have included the TERM4SALE listing rules in the information which follows. This is the same information that we give to agents interested in participating in the zip code listing program.

TERM4SALE Agent Listing Rules

Note: The following are the rules for the operation of the TERM4SALE agent listing service. The information is published here to ensure that consumers and agents know that nothing about the operation of this site, or the provision of agent names, is hidden from public view. The site exists to benefit consumers by providing up-to-date term comparisons and listings of those agents who subscribe to COMPULIFE and want to be publicly listed.


COMPULIFE Software established a separate company called TERM4SALE, Inc. The purpose of the new company is to provide the public with a web site to do free and instant term life insurance comparisons. The public can also use the site to locate COMPULIFE subscribers who sell life insurance in their area. Consumers are encouraged to contact those subscribers for further information about term policies and to purchase their term insurance from agents who use the COMPULIFE program.

Agents are listed on a separate page from the insurance comparison results. The reason is quite simple: The comparison provided to the public is not the work of an agent, it is the work of TERM4SALE, Inc.

TERM4SALE DOES NOT SELL INSURANCE. COMPULIFE, the owner of TERM4SALE, DOES NOT SELL INSURANCE. COMPULIFE is a leading and independent supplier of competitive life insurance pricing information. The COMPULIFE Quotation System software allows users to shop and compare term life insurance rates instantly.

There is no such thing as an agent who sells all the products of all the companies quoted at TERM4SALE. Further, some state regulations PROHIBIT an agent from showing a consumer a product that the agent is not appointed to sell. We find such regulations bewildering.

We believe that consumers deserve the right to see the prices of as many companies as possible. For that reason we do not want to place any agent in harms way in order to provide the public with insurance comparisons of the market. That is why agents are always listed on a separate page from life insurance quotes and comparisons. The agent listing page contains no specific company, product or pricing information.

Zip Code Listings

Names of subscribers are provided to consumers based upon the zip code in which the consumer resides. Each consumer, requesting a list of subscribers, will be given the names of three subscribers. For that reason a maximum of 3 subscribers will be listed in any one 5 digit zip code.

In the event that there are less than three subscribers listed in a specific zip code, agent/subscribers who are listed in the nearest zip codes (by distance), within the same state, will be given to the consumer. In all cases consumers will receive three names and phone numbers.

Local Zip Codes

All COMPULIFE subscribers are entitled to 3 local zip code listings at TERM4SALE. Additional local zip codes can be earned through the TERM4SALE referral exchange program.

Local Zip Codes are more important than any other zip code listings. A local zip code is a zip code that an agent may select from any zip code that is within 20 miles of their address. Local zip codes often have direct phone numbers for the agents listed.

If a zip code has three agents already listed in it, and that zip code is one that an agent wants as their local zip code, the agent can bump an existing agent from that listing if that agent's listing is not their local zip code. The ability to bump another subscriber from a zip code is something that can only be done during the first week of November each year. Renewal invoicing for TERM4SALE occurs in mid-November for the upcoming calendar year. Therefore, if you wish to bump another subscriber, you must notify COMPULIFE during the first week of November. If we agree that you are eligible to bump the subscriber, we will remove the other subscriber's zip code listing from their renewal invoice. Following that, and beginning the following January, the new subscriber's local zip code listing will be placed in that position.

New subscribers cannot bump existing subscribers from local zip codes. If a 4th subscriber wants to make a zip code his/her local zip code, and the three agents currently listed are all using that zip code as their local zip code, then the three who are allowed to be listed will be those who have been COMPULIFE subscribers the longest.

Purchasing Additional Zip Codes

COMPULIFE subscribers may be listed in more than three zip codes by purchasing additional zip codes. We have imposed limits on the number of zip codes which can be purchased to ensure that no one subscriber dominates TERM4SALE listings.

A Personal Use Edition subscriber may purchase up to 80 additional zip codes which can be in any state in which that subscriber is license to sell life insurance.

A Standard License Edition subscriber may purchase up to 320 additional zip codes which can be in any state in which that subscriber is license to sell life insurance. There is a $6 per year (50¢ per month) surcharge on zip codes over 80.

Purchased zip codes are on a first come, first serve basis. Once there are three subscribers listed in a zip code, no one else can purchase a listing in that zip code until such time as one of the previously listed subscribers elects to not renew that zip code listing.

To ensure that the purchase of multiple zip codes is not a barrier TERM4SALE has established a low starting price of $1.50 per month; $18 per year, per zip code listing. Therefore, if a Personal Use COMPULIFE subscriber wants a total of 12 zip codes, the cost would be $162 per year. Remember, the first 3 zip codes are local, the other 9 cost $1.50 per month times 12 months.

Zip code listings are based upon a calendar year. A subscriber wanting to purchase a zip code listing in March of the year, would need to pay $1.50 per month for the 10 months left in the current year, for a pro-rated total of $15.00 for each zip code.

Toll Free Phone Call

Those COMPULIFE subscribers wanting to be listed in a zip code outside the local phone call area in which they reside, are encouraged to list their toll-free number for the residents of that zip code. With many cell phones having nationwide calling plans, a toll free number is not required like it used to be, but we still highly recommend listing a toll free number for any zip code that is not in your local calling area. The consumer also has the ability to use the contact form if they do not want to pick up the phone and call an agent. You would then get the e-mail requesting you to contact them, which would save the consumer any cost for a phone call.

Consumers may wish to do business with a local agent; therefore, if you are local in a particular zip code, it would be to your advantage to list your direct phone number instead of a toll free number.

Use of Agent Listing Fees

Revenue generated by TERM4SALE Zip Code Listings will be used three ways:

1. A portion of listing fees are paid as a royalty/license fee to COMPULIFE. This permits TERM4SALE to use the COMPULIFE Internet engine and to use COMPULIFE's name in the promotion of that service. In exchange COMPULIFE provides managerial oversight and rate updates to the site.

NOTE: The Internet Quote Engine that powers TERM4SALE is for sale at $960 per year to those who wish to establish their own site/service. COMPULIFE also provides a website quoter for a much lower cost.

2. TERM4SALE underwrites its own expenses. Cost of modifications and improvements to the site, maintenance of the site, etc., will be paid to COMPULIFE or to whoever COMPULIFE retains to do that work for TERM4SALE.

3. The balance of funds are used to promote the site.

If you have questions or comments, please direct them to TERM4SALE president Bob Barney at (888) 798-3488.